San Francisco Bay Area Property Management

Selborne Properties is a full service property management company serving the San Francisco Bay Area with the mission of providing excellent service to our clients and tenants. The company provides comprehensive property management for residential and commercial properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide low cost, hassle free property management services while managing maintenance requests, the accounting, and all other administrative duties associated with property ownership.  Selborne Properties takes pride as a property manager in managing each property as if it were our own.  We make sure each property is performing at its highest level by focusing on maintaining the lowest possible vacancy rate and efficiently managing operating costs.  That is why property owners throughout the Bay Area rely on us for their property management needs.

Bay Area Property Manager during all phases of the property management process

Selborne Properties provides the same personalized and individual property management service to all of our clients, whether they are the owner of a single family home, condominium, townhome, multi-unit building, or commercial building.  We provide full service professional property management services, which include but are not limited to Leasing, Marketing, Tenant Screening, Rent Collection, Property Inspection, Property Maintenance, Accounting, and Reporting.  Our consistent and reliable management is what allows property owners to simply collect the return on their investment without the hassle of managing a rental property.

Not your ordinary Bay Area Property Management Company

Selborne Properties has a different perspective on property management and what it means to be a Bay Area property manager.  We understand what it means to be a property owner as well as a tenant.  As the owners of rental property throughout the East Bay, we understand what property owners are looking for from their investment, such as low vacancy rates and cost management.  We also understand what it means to be a tenant in the Bay Area. Our diverse background allows us to understand both the owner and tenant perspectives of property management. This allows us to provide superior property management services to both owners and tenants alike. Selborne Properties is headquartered in the East Bay in Oakland, California.